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Dec 11, 2009

Baby TV Baby

What is your favorite tv channel? I love Star Movies the most. But I also love to watch AXN because of those Crime Scene Investigation serial. Lol. I usually do blog while watching one of these channels. I watch Star Movie mostly because I need to find stories to write on for my Movie Blog. Especially on Christmas season like this month, I can find several great films there.

Apparently, I have a competitor right now. Guess who. My daughter, Asha.

Her favorite channel of all is Baby TV and the favorite characters are Pitch and Potch. She loves the sound of its music and how they laugh every minute.

In the morning, if she refuses to wake up, her daddy will turn on the tv and play the Baby TV channel loudly. Asha will voluntarily wake up from her bed and sit on the sofa. It’s funny to watch her singing and dancing in front of tv. She also learns a lot about any kind of animals from there. She already knows the name of few animals right now. And yes, she learns a lot from it.

But, as you know, for adult like us, Baby TV is really boring. You will find it funny or cute sometimes but after a while you will get sick of it. But she always refuses me when I asked her to change the channel for a minute. She’ll get angry. I can only have control on remote control while she’s sleeping.

Of course I make a straight rule for her about how long she can watch the TV in a day. She can only watch it for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. That’s all. Do you think I will have a chance to watch my favorite channels at last? No, folks. I must turn off the tv first. If the tv is still on, then she will ask for Baby TV again and refuse to take a nap. So, to avoid it, all I can do is just go back to my laptop after all and leave the tv . Hahaha..

This is just a short story to end this week, fellows. I will be gone for two days due to this weekend. Saturday and Sunday are the days for my little family. So I will turn off my laptop during that family time. So I’ll see you guys on Monday. Have a nice weekend. God bless!


  1. Have a great weekend...Say hi to Asha

  2. hello Mommy Mayonnaise (MM)! i might enjoy Baby tv since i like cute shows. hihi. but we do not have that here in Sweden.

    i do love comedy channel a lot. i watch friends, king of queens, big bang theory, everybody loves raymond, how i met your mother and many more funny shows there.

    have a great day and i hope my other two blogs:
    www.hnhpages.com and www.thepastimeshelf.com can also exlinks with your blog.

    have a nice day!

  3. hi Ris! Enjoy ur family time! I'm sorry I took awhile to visit you back.. I was having technical problems.. Glad hubby fixed it... Kiss Asha for me...


  4. I've never seen Baby TV, Risma... hehehe, you can watch TV only if Asha is sleeping; I think lots of other parents face the same condition like this...


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