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Mar 9, 2010

Asha's Piggy Bank

My daughter’s daily activity in the morning is asking her daddy for a little money before he went to his office. This has been happened for almost 1 year now. She will put the money she got into her piggy bank right under our television table (lol).
We both think that we should teach her about saving money while she is very young. She needs to learn that all of the money she got came from her parent’s sweat. Then she must take a responsibility for every penny she asked from us.

Children nowadays are so spoiled with all the easiness they have from their parent’s financial establishment. They can have almost everything they want easily and in a very short time. I think this is one reason of the kid’s lack sense of belonging. If they lost one of their belongings they can just easily ask their parents to buy another new one.

It’s nothing wrong with buying stuffs for our children, since everything we have is for our kids only anyway. We will make sure that we, as parents, provide them the best stuffs that we can get. We want the best for our kids, right? But, we won’t be there for them forever. It’s not the stuff matter, but how they got it and how they took care of it. They should learn about that.

We should take into consideration that they can live their life in the future well by carrying the lessons we taught them when they’re young. By teaching them responsibilities, we may hope that they will still remember this when they grow up and manage their own life. Saving money is one of the lessons we need to teach our kid as soon as we can.

If our little Asha understands about the importance of keeping her money instead of wasting it away, we hope she will do the same thing when she grows up. She will know that she needs to keep her spare money, since she may need to use it in some other time. She must learn to take care of her belongings and learn that she needs to save more money in the future to buy stuff. Mom and dad will help her of course, but she must take a part of it also. So she will learn that every thing needs effort.

Maybe she is too young to know that we already made a back account on her name since the day she was born. We will provide this account for her future needs (especially for school stuffs) beside the money from her piggy bank of course (lol). Anyway, it’s not a piggy bank actually, but a hello kitty bank. A bit like this one. Hahahahaha


  1. I've learnt to save my money since I was six. It's been enriching me, but it's also made me greedy. :-p

  2. I totally agree with you...
    I think I'll follow your way :)
    Sorry for not visiting you for a while...

  3. A very good lesson for children...
    Based on financial planning website that I read, would be better if we teach children to save her money first before she spend it, and there is a period that children can take half of her savings to buy what she likes.


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