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Mar 19, 2010

New Books

You know how much I love books. And my youngest brother also noticed this. He knew that I’m collecting books and carefully take care of them like precious jewelry (lol).
Well, he sent me a surprise birthday present yesterday. He stays in a different island so he sent this present with a courier service. I was so surprised.

Inside, I found these books along with a birthday card.

I love surprise. I love presents. I love books. And I love him (lol)
I’m currently reading the “The Wednesday Letters” right now and I’m not in a hurry. Soon after I finished with this one, I will continue with the Saga-Darren Shan.

I searched some information about this Saga and found out that I can find 4 more books in the book store. So this Saga consists of 8 books! Isn’t that amazing? I always love trilogy and saga novels like this. They give me more books to read and more time to spend (lol).

Well, thank you then, my dear brother :)


  1. I saw The Wednesday Letter somewhere recently, the shape is unique, but I don't know about the content. Congratz for the books!

  2. You have a kind brother...
    what a great surprise :)


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