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Dec 15, 2010

Jute Rugs and Bamboo Rugs

It’s hard to separate rooms from rugs. You may find a house using several different rugs in each room because different rugs can bring such a different ambiance. If you want to change the air of a room, rug is the simplest and cheapest way. Of course you can still just change your interior wall color or buy new furniture. But those both options are going to cost you more money. Why don’t just buy a unique rug then?
There are few kinds of rugs such as Jute Rugs and Bamboo Rugs. These both kinds of rugs are environmentally friendly. Jute is actually a vegetable fiber that can be spun into strong threads and the most affordable natural fibers. Meanwhile, bamboo has been well known for its versatility. It’s the fastest growing tree on earth which makes it as renewable resource.
Natural products like jute and bamboo usually easy to maintain, healthy and good for the environment. They are available in many beautiful colors and functions too. So not just having your rooms decorated nicely with natural fibers, you can also take part on protecting the environment at the same time. I write this post on behalf of a friend and all opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. bamboo rugs are great! I love them, and own one! :)how are u sista? It's december in the air...
    how's your holiday?


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