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Dec 16, 2010

Sundial As Centerpiece for Garden

Do you have a garden in your back yard? Well, I have one in the front of my house. Some people consider gardening as a hobby, just like me. Then if you do it for hobby, you will always try to find something unique and timeless to decorate your garden beautifully. In my opinion, colorful flowers and beautiful greenery are not enough. We need something to be the centerpiece of the garden that can be used as kind of icon to represent it.
Some people my use fountain or a big statue as a centerpiece for their garden. Why don’t you think about using Sundials such as garden Armillary sundials instead?
Sundial has been use to tell time for a long time ago, just like watch. Well, you can still use for decorative purpose for today event for its beauty and timeless style. Choose certain sundials which made from suitable materials to prevent from damage due to weather problem. It's okay to have fountain or statue as the center of your garden, but sundial will look different on it. Buy one and enjoy your sundial in your beautiful garden. I write this post on behalf of a friend and all opinions are 100% mine.

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