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Jan 7, 2014

Chicken and Potatoes Smoor

Most of Indonesian recipes are spicy and salty. We use chillis in almost every meals but this one is different. It has sweet taste with a lot of spices on it. The original name in Indonesia is SEMUR but I can not find a suitable word in English so I use the original word instead, smoor. Meat is the common ingredient for this recipe, you can use beef, pork or chicken. But sometimes people also cook smoor with hard boiled eggs or tofu. In this recipe, I use chicken with additional potatoes.

Chicken and Potatoes Smoor

1 kg chicken, cut into medium size
0,5 kg potatoes, cut and then deep fried.
A ltr of water
2 pcs cardamom
3 cm cinnamon
3 pcs star anise
Sweet soy
Salt and pepper

Blended ingredients:
10 pcs red onions
3 pcs garlics
3 cm ginger
5 pcs candlenut
1 pc nutmeg

How to cook:
Heat cooking oil in a medium size pan, then add the blended ingredients, stir well for about 3 minutes
Add the chicken breast and stir until medium cooked.
Add cardamom, cinnamon and star anise. Cook until you can smell fragrance of the spices.
Add sweet soy. The amount is depends on how sweet you want your smoor to be. The more sweet soy, the sweeter. My kids love sweet smoor so I always add more sweet soy :) 
Add the deep fried potatoes then stir well until all chicken breasts and potatoes turn brown with sweet soy. Then add water.
Let it boiled for at least half and hour until all the spices absorbed well.
I usually sprinkle parsley on top of it before served.

Enjoy! :)

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