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Dec 30, 2013

Old Style Christmas Card

Well, I realize that tomorrow is our last day with wonderful 2013. Time really goes by. Chrismas is over but I can still feel and enjoy the joyful moment until today. This year, we received quite few Christmas presents from family and relatives, including FIVE CHRISTMAS CARD! I was so excited to read them. Well, don't you? LOL

I mean, its been a long time a go since people started to replace the old style Christmas card with new method such as: text messages or emails which seems to be more effective and time saver. Your friends and relatives will receive your Christmas greeting in just a second after you send it. Even these days, in social media era when every places seems to get closer and closer, we can send Christmas greetings through various ways such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path or Blackberry Messenger. And the fun fact is that you can add pictures of you and your family (in colour!) then send them along together with your Christmas greeting. Your friends and relative will receive it in just a second! How awesome is that! And as we all can see, Christmas cards have been forgotten.

Like it or not, Christmas cards do take time and efforts, just like. I describe above. But actually I miss them now. I miss the colourful card (sometimes you can find one with musical instrument attached and play Christmas songs while opened), I miss the beautiful words of Christmas inside. I think Christmas cards are personal compare to short messages we used on Twitter. We may call it old style but Christmas card will never be totally forgotten. Somehow I feel that someday people will get bored of all these social media phobia and return to use the old style Christmas card again. 

Anyway, I still want to give you my own Christmas greeting here my fellow readers. I hope your Christmas there as merry as ours here. Merry Christmas and Happy Welcoming New Year 2014

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