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Nov 26, 2013

Crab Soup with Corn

It's been raining a lot in here recently. Usually, we have rainy season in Medan starts from October to December. It's not like all day long kind of type rain of course. Only few hours daily. I especially call this as Christmas season. Yay! Christmas is almost here....

Anyway, any kind of hot soup will be suitable during this season. A kind of food we usually enjoy together. This recipe is one of our favorite meal that I'd love to share with you. The recipe is very simple and  can be served within an hour.

Crab Soup with Corn

1kg of crabs, cut half
3 medium caroot, peeled and slice diagonally
1 potato, cut into 8
1 medium corn, cut into 10 part
2 spring onions, thin sliced
1 parsley, finely chopped
1 tometo, cut into 4
Salt and pepper
Onions, sliced and fried until golden brown

Blend these ingredients:
10 onions
5 garlic
Ginger 3cm

How to cook:
Boil water in a pot.
Cut 3cm of ginger and smashed but not broken. Put inside the water.
After the water boiled, add sliced carrots, potatoes and corns and let them boiled for half an hour.
(Since I have toddler, I want the carrots and potatoes softer and I will boil them longer)
Then crabs and let them boiled for another half and hour than add sliced tomato.

Add the blended ingredients into the pot, stir in and season with salt and pepper.
Add half amount of the spring onions and parsley, stir for a few minutes more.

How to serve:
Add the crabs in a bowl, add carrots, potatoes and corns.
Pour the broth.
Add the rest of the spring onions and parsley.
Last one, sprinkle with fried onions..

Bon appetite....Selamat makan ^^

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