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Jun 14, 2010

Have A Great Monday

Ahaa… its Monday already. How’re you all there? Hope everything went well with you. From this month, my family will stay in a new town, Palembang and we left Medan about a week ago. So, this is my first post from my new town ((lol)). Since I’m still a bit busy these past few days, I will start this week with a meme. Yes, a Monday Meme. The topic is about ten headline news you’ve found today. And I want to share them all here too.
1. Celeb sex-tape scandal hits taboo
2. Ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan
3. Minister launches campaign to eat fish
4. Quake jolts North Sulawesi
5. Roberto Cavalli: Celebrating years of fashion
6. Stop blaming orangutan plight on palm oil firms
7. Germany beats Australia 4-0
8. UK celebrates queen’s birthday with military pomp
9. Minister against sex education in school
10. President opens Bali arts festival

So, that’s for now. Have a great Monday everyone..
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  1. those are interesting headlines... #7 was really great news though.have a great week! =)

  2. Great headlines!!
    thanks for playing :)


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