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Jun 17, 2010

I'm Not A Fan

 My husband and I are not fans of football. That’s why we don’t really care about the World Cup euphoria that happens to people around the world these past days ((lol)). So when everyone starts talking about how they’re going to arrange time to be able to watch their favorite country’s match together, we can only see and listen because we’re not going to join that fun-time anyway.
You may ask: WHY? Well, I find football as a bit boring kind of sport. I’m tired to open my eyes widely in order to follow the football players running around a huge field and hope that there’ll be a goal in a short time. All I can see is just people running around chasing and kicking the ball all the time.

I prefer to watch gymnastics, badminton, sprint and pole vault. It won’t take much time to watch and you can find the result in a short time without having to sleep late in the night just to find out who is going to win the match ((lol))

What about you? Are you a fan of football too? If you do, then you must be enjoying this World Cup, right? If you’re not a fan, then come and join me to spend more time with our blogs since you don’t need to spend more time sleeping in the daytime just to be able to stay awake in the night and watch the football. What do you think?

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  1. I prefer to watch badminton than football, because the acquisition of points in the badminton game is faster and dynamic. My husband likes to watch football, but he did not force himself to watch until morning as the fanatical football fans.


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