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Jul 29, 2010

Choose Wisely

Grilled Pork
A friend of mine is pregnant right now and she accidentally told me that she had grilled pork for lunch yesterday. I said: What?! Didn’t your OB told you to avoid any grilled foods like steak during the first trimester? She said: No. My OB told me to eat everything I like. When I was pregnant, my OB strictly told me to avoid any grilled foods during pregnancy. Pregnant women are always suggested to consume foods which have been well cooked. Many harmful bacteria may survived during the process of grilled and bring harm to your fetus as people usually choose the rare or medium rare option for their steak or any other grilled foods. Nobody says that pregnancy time will be easy. You must control what you eat. Remember there is another human that depends on your body for foods at all the time. So choose your food wisely, my pregnant friends.

Anyway, here’s my entry for Thursday Thunks this week, fellas.
1. We know how creative Berleen is with her terrific tee-shirts and such, so how about you? Do you draw anything or perhaps your name in the sand when you go to the beach?
To be honest, I’m not so good at drawing. I can only draw sketches of flower petals and butterfly. Well, maybe scenery of mountain from far away or just cloud in the afternoon with some seagulls flies around. But don’t tell me to color it. The sketch will look even worse. Just the sketch please (lol)

2. Kimber doesn’t always leave her house. I wonder if she knows what is out her back door. What is out your back door?
We don’t have back door. We use the entire land area for house building and leave some space for grass, flower beds and pots in the front area. That’s all we need.

Lake Toba, Indonesia
3. Do you prefer the beach, a pool or a lake? Why?
Beach is wonderful but I can’t stand the heat of sunshine and the salty water. I like beach for its panorama and the seafood but I definitely will not swim into it. Meanwhile, the pool is the easiest option you have when you feel like want to plunge yourself into water. But you will find comfort only if you have one of your own at home where you can use it by yourself and maintain the water hygiene properly. But in public pool, get ready for the crowd; forget about water hygiene and definitely no panorama (lol). I like lake the most. Lake provides you panorama just like beach did but with more friendly sunshine heat. The water is fresh and looks clean even with so many people around. And I will be happy to throw myself into it and swim and swim and swim (lol)

4. What is something recently that happened to you that you are REALLY excited about?
I got a phone from an old friend from high school. She was my best friend in school and I lost contact with her for more then 10 years. She found my numbers from other friend and call me right after. I was so excited. We plan to meet for lunch on the day after tomorrow.

5. I am fortunate that I come from a very close family. Are any of your great-grandparents still alive? If not did you ever meet them?
Unfortunately, all of my great grandparents were already passed away when I was born. I don’t have a chance to meet any of them.

6. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group? Tell us about it.
I think it would be about 3 years ago when I still work at a telecommunication company. I made a presentation about certain thing in front of my colleagues and boss. But I resign from that job when I was 7 months pregnant and that’s when I started my life as a home maker.

7. Have you ever bungee jumped? Would you ever bungee jump?
No and I will not ever try it. I don’t have guts for bungee jumping. Even a roller coaster is frightening enough for me (lol)

8. How strong emotionally do you think you are?
I’m an emotional person and absolutely beyond average *grin*

9. Kimber and Berleen still have NEVER met, yet they are best friends. What is the first thing you notice about people when you meet the?
The first think I noticed about people will be their smiles and friendliness. Smile is the easiest way for us to show our respect to other people we met. We don’t need to run towards them and shake their hands vigorously or hug them so tight just to show them our respects. Just give your best smile and other people will appreciate it by smile back for you.

10. Who do you mess with the most?
I don’t want to mess with anyone. I like friendship and understanding :)

11. Who was the last person you talked to on a land line?
My mom. My parents live in my hometown far away from my current city. They actually own cell phone but sometimes they call me using the landline.

12. I finally saw Avatar this week. What was the last movie you watched long after it came out and loved?
It would be The Orphan. I found out about this movie from my sister. Apparently, she bought that dvd a long time ago and I was kind of late to watch it. But it was a great movie. It’s thrilling and contrary to all expectation. Have you watch The Orphan yet?

13. What did you dream about last night?
My husband. He’s been out of town since yesterday and will be back on Saturday. I miss him already (lol)

Have a great Thursday Thunks everyone…


  1. Don't worry I do not have the guts to bungee jump either. I would die probably. Happy Thursday Thunking.

  2. I don't draw too, that's something I am so lazy to even learn.


  3. I'm with you on messing with people! Thanks for playing...

  4. I don't draw either. I trace really well. I really liked reading your answers. Happy Thursday.

  5. Hi there, thanks sooo much for stopping by and saying hi! I am the same way with public pools..I don't know who or what has been in there..our plan is to build a pool here in our yard within the next couple of years..I dont like the salt water at the beach, either.
    Nice to meet you!


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