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Jul 5, 2010

Red-White-Blue Monday

a sprocket found in the backseat. Hello my friends. How’s your weekend? I hope it’s as fun as mine. We didn’t go to a special place yesterday; just use our blue CAR to buy some foods for lunch. Actually, we planed to buy a large red pepperoni PIZZA but we changed our mind after seeing so many people were on the line. Queuing. No..no..no..we must find other place to go.

Finally we went to a shopping mall and have lunch in one of few restaurants there. What I like about shopping mall is that you may see many peculiar things happen around you. Yesterday, I saw a beautiful red hair WOMAN walked together with a white hair MAN. In this case, I’m talking about the literal meaning, people. The woman was so young (I bet she’s a teenager) but the man was so damn old. I think they’re absolutely not father and daughter since they’re busy kissing each other in a public area. Mouth to mouth! Oh my God, what is happening with this world we’re live in?

We walked away from the "red-flag" STUPID event as fast as we can and left a lot of people watching those love birds in motion. We have our little daughter with us, for God sake! We hurried into the kids section. I need to buy some stuff for my daughter, Asha. I bought her few blue UNDERWEARS and white SOCKS. There we meet TWIN sisters whose mother’s busy choosing suitable blue shoes for each of them. I love twins. It’s amazing to be able to see two people with almost the same shape of face, hair, eyes, and etc. While I only got me. (lol) Sometimes I hardly put some imagination inside my head about having a twin sister walking beside me. I think it would be fun. We will use exactly the same outfits so people couldn’t see the differences between us. Hahaha..

Anyway, I actually write this post to join HARRIET’s RED-WHITE-BLUE meme. She actually asked everyone to write a sentence about certain words using those three colors inside. But, somehow it reminds me of my English class when I was in primary school (lol) so I choose to write them on just like a story. I think this RED-BLUE-WHITE meme is a SMART idea to start this blue MONDAY. As you know, not everyone loves Monday. SERIOUSLY! And feel free to join, my dear friends, if you find this interesting.

Enjoy the rest of your day there. I’m sure most of you are busy doing your routine activities right now. So where ever you go, using train or red BUS, at work or at school, Have a great MONDAY. Stay SMART and SEXY! Hahaha…

Finally, I got all those 15 words inside this post. Thanks, Harriet  
Join Us for Monday Mayhem


  1. Very interesting story, a colorful one, too :)

  2. You know- I really like the way you did this!
    and, the white haired guy was loaded!!

    thanks for playing!

  3. Oh my YOU ARE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a Fantastic Monday!!
    BTW Monday is my favorite day!

  4. Happy Monday again....
    Upss....now Tuesday..happy Tuesday mommy!




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