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Jul 20, 2010

Old Friends Chat Room

If you have a chance to meet some old friends from your high school class, will you ever ignore it? Well, if you had a bad time back in your high school few years ago, I think you’ll be happy to ignore it (lol). But I have a fantastic high school time. There’s no bullying yet (I think) but if it actually happened few years ago, then I’m not aware of that and clearly not a victim. I’m sorry if some of you face a hard time during high school. You know, teens can be so cruel.

Anyway, we don’t actually see each other face to face since we stay in different places. But we can still communicate each other through a chat room though this chat room is only available for Blackberry users. So there are only a few of us there. But the chat room is fully alive!! (lol)

It’s a different experience when you see lots of friend on your Facebook friends list and communicate with them non-verbally with talk (verbally) directly with them even if you’re not sitting in front of your computer. This situation tends to make you share lots of things easier and faster. And when this happens, any weird topics can be found here easily (lol)

Oh I love this chat room. And I hope we will be able to maintain the cheerfulness and familiarity in this group as long as we can.


  1. How awesome. reconnecting with old friends is so nice.

  2. My chatting experience with old friends only happens in facebook :)


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