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Jul 9, 2010

I Am Sorry

It’s never easy to say “I’m sorry” and request for forgiveness, especially if it really comes from the bottom of your heart. I mean, if you just say it in order to please other people, then it wouldn’t be that hard for you. Saying I’m sorry is not the end of everything, I think. As a matter of fact, it’s the beginning of everything. Along with the apology come the responsibilities. If we brave enough to admit our mistakes, then we must be brave enough to play the piper as well.

In my opinion, consequences have become the main reason why certain people refuse to ask for apology. They just can not handle the responsibilities. So, they thought that it will be easier to just keep silent and confess nothing at all. They’re not ready yet to finish what they’ve started.

But, in my mind I can see that apologize is a simple word which has enormous meaning inside. People can understand much from someone else apology and tend to react in positive way. I found out that no matter how mad or how hurt we are concerning to other people’s mistake, somehow it can be soothed by a sincere apology.

Indeed, you still need to deal with responsibilities. But at least you can make peace with your own heart first and get ready for the next move. You’re no longer need to argue with your own self whether to confess or not. But you can finally find relief to your mistake and move on to finish what you’ve started before. And I assure you, your next move with the responsibilities will be much easier. So, do apologize…

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  1. Indeed, its hard to say sorry in most cases. especially if you think, your the victim and you did nothing wrong. haha, pride takes place,i can say so base on my experiences.


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