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Jul 28, 2010

Cookwares Lovers

Do you love to spend money on cookwares, momsb? I have a friend who can't stop herself from buying cookwares online. She spent a lot of money to buy this expensive cookwares but in the end she felt guilty to use any of those wares and choose to keep them nicely in the special drawer (lol).
Indeed, those cookwares look fabulous especially when you noticed that those are not the cheap one. But why bother buy things if you only put them in a sacred place instead of use them to for your cooking hobby?
I can cook but its not my hobby. I cook daily for my family needs but I seldom try some experiments to make a new recipe. I love to goggling recipes from the internet to find some inspirations about my daily menus (lol) but not to create one. Maybe that's why I'm not so crazy about these cookwares.
I don't buy special expensive wares just to follow my other friends hobby. I will buy a familiar brand of cookwares that most of my friends use even if its the cheap one. As long as they free from any hazard materials and can be used for any kind of foods safely, I will buy it. I only have certain kind of cookwares in my pantry and I feel enough of them right now.

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