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Jul 6, 2010

Wisely Credit Card Users

Actually having a credit card is not as threaten as some people may consider. Indeed, if you don’t use this plastic money wisely, soon you will be in incurred debts and would have a long months full with headache, ladies. I have seen many cases like this happened. And when you’re already in this bad situation, you will find a credit card as a horrible monster instead of a helpful hand.
The problem with us-women- is that most of us usually use credit card to buy things which are not urgently needed. It’s a common situation to find women use their credit cards to buy clothes, bags, shoes or even jewelry. "So what’s wrong with that?" No, I’m not talking about right or wrong here, my dear friends. But are you really willing to put yourself in debt for stuff like that?

Remember, credit card is actually a modern version of old style debt. Only this time, you did it in a sophisticated way. But it doesn’t change the meaning that you are indeed having debt, right? And you must pay every penny you owe in the next day. The thing with credit card is you may not realize that you’re about to have accumulate debt if you don’t pay regularly until (maybe) you can’t afford it anymore. So, do you really want to be in this situation just for a few fancy clothes or bags that you bought with your credit cards? I don’t think so.

I’ve read a lot about advices from many financial advisors about how credit card can actually help you instead of killing you slowly. It can be very useful when you don’t have enough money for an urgent situation, such as for family member’s hospital payment or mortgage payment or anything that might cause you more trouble in the next day. This is where your credit card acts like a true helper for you. However, your problems still exist but credit card helps you by giving more time to pay your debt (with certain credit card interest, of course).

But the most important thing is you must pay all your debt regularly each month. Avoid paying the minimum payment only if you still able to pay the full amount. It will avoid you from having more debt in the future. The experts also said that we don’t actually need to have more than two credit cards, ladies. It also prevents us from buying more things that we don’t urgently need with this plastic money. Use cash money or debit card to buy stuff like that and leave the credit card for the urgent situation. Besides, you still can enjoy the benefits that your credit cards offered, right? Such as special discounts on certain restaurant or to get a suite lounge in the airport.

Remember, use the credit card to help you instead of killing you. And I think moms will also get benefits from this credit card if we use it wisely.

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  1. there was saying that women should not have their own credit card :D but I think it depends on the person itself


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