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Jul 2, 2010

Mom Doesn't Always Know Everything

Mom knows everything.
No. Mom doesn’t always know everything. Mom doesn’t know why her babies got fever even if she already took care of them carefully and breastfeeding them regularly. Mom doesn’t know why her toddlers got injured; in fact she always teaches them how to walk properly. Mom doesn’t know why her beloved kids got sick; in fact she always prepares the best and healthy foods for them everyday and keeping them in a clean and healthy environment all the time.
Mom doesn’t know why her teenage daughters got pregnant or her teenage sons trapped in using cocaine and drugs, in fact she always teaches them about how important is to respect their own body. Mom doesn’t know why her kids refuse to continue their study to the next level; in fact she always tells them that education is really important for their future life. Mom doesn’t know why her beautiful daughters choose to marry a drunkard-jobless man, in fact she always tells them story about how that kind of man can treat them so badly. Etc..etc..etc.. (You may want to add something else that you think mommy wouldn't know either)

Can you see now? There are lots and lots of things in this world that mommies may would never know why. But there is one thing (for sure) that moms always know. She knows that she wants the best for her children. If only she could provide those best things in this life herself with her own two hands, she would definitely do it. She will always be there for them. Isn’t that right, mommies?


  1. Absolutely right!!
    every mom in the whole world always expects her children to be the best one...
    even though she doesn't always know about everything...

  2. Great!!
    your article remind me all about my mom, how much she loves me!

  3. I'm not a mom but aspiring to be one someday! Like really bad. I love this entry. I'm not close to my mom but now that we are away from each other I missed he so bad. I'm your follower too! Take care~!


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