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Jul 30, 2010


TGIF! I’m so excited about this particular day since tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will spend times with my daughter and hubby together. Its family time! Though we don’t have any special plan for this weekend but that’s okay as long as we spend the entire day together. We usually go to a playground to give Asha a chance to play around. After that we will have lunch in a restaurant or café. When we got home, we’ll watch a movie together with some snacks. In Sunday morning, we usually go for service in the church. But sometimes, we get up early and do some exercises together outside house. There’s a park in this town which usually used for that purpose. People from all over places will gather and exercise together in this park. You can also bring your kid together to just play in the field with some other kids. Right after breakfast we will go home and take some rest. We usually have dinner on a restaurant too then go to a book store or groceries for a little shopping. And we do that altogether from AM to PM. Yayy!!

And this is my entry for Rock ‘n Roll Fridays! meme. Today we picked Sting. The song titles from which we took the lyrics are in caps. Here's Rock 'n Roll Fridays!
1. DESERT ROSE: This desert flower, no sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this…
What is your favorite scent?
I love the scent of jasmine or bergamot. I also like vanilla and musk. Yes, I love all those scents. I also love fruity scents (lol). Let’s just say I love all the sweet smells.

2. EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE: Every move you make, every vow you break, every smile you fake, every claim you stake, I'll be watching you.
Ever stalked or researched an old flame?
No, dear. I’d never stalk an old flame. I don’t want to play with fire especially when I don’t have a certain reason to do that. I realize that it will hurt somebody else either my husband or “his” spouse. So, I certainly won’t do that.

3. IF I EVER LOSE MY FAITH IN YOU: I never saw no miracle of science that didn't go from a blessing to a curse…
What product did you buy that didn’t do what it claimed?
The last skin moisturizers I bought. It was a product from a famous brand and which continually show up on female magazine and claim itself as the best product ever. After I purchased and used it, I didn’t feel any difference on my skin in fact it make my skin look dull. I would never repurchase that skin moisturizer again ever.

4. IF YOU NEED SOMEBODY SET THEM FREE: If you need somebody, call my name.
If you want someone, you can do the same…
Do you have a nickname or have you been called something other than your given name?
Yah, I have two nick names given by some teenage friends’ long time a go. Around my click, I was called Kimi. Meanwhile, around my neighborhood, I was called Ling Ling (because I have small eyes just like Chinese eyes). I laugh when I remember those nicknames right now (lol).

5. WE WORK THE BLACK SEAM: One day in a nuclear age they may understand our rage. They build machines that they can't control and bury the waste in a great big hole…
What do you do that is considered “Green”?
I don’t use plastic bag again. Every time I go shopping, I will bring my own reusable bag. I also use energy saving lamps in my house and plant more trees around my house. I believe that people doesn’t have to think big to be “GREEN”. Whatever you do in order to make our earth better is count even the smallest one like throwing garbage into a garbage can.

6. MOON OVER BOURBON STREET: It was many years ago that I became what I am, I was trapped in this life like an innocent lamb…
What was the worst job you ever had?
After finished my college few years ago, I start to work as a call center employee in a telecommunication company. The payment was bad; I work 9 hours a day with only one day off per week; shift hour where I need to work until 10PM and the worst part is that I must work on Sunday also. Geee…..

7. I BURN FOR YOUIn peace we sleep entwined and your love flows through me. Though an ocean soothes my head, I burn for you…
What is the worst thing about sleeping with someone else in a bed?
People who rave when sleeping! It’s very annoying. How can you sleep peacefully when someone next to you screaming over and over again all the time until the sun rise? I’d rather go sleep in a couch in front of tv. Alone!

8. FORTRESS AROUND YOUR HEART: And if I built this fortress around your heart,Encircled you in trenches and barbed wire, then let me build a bridge, for I cannot fill the chasm…
What object or piece of furniture have you built?
None *ROTFL* I can’t build anything. I can only use things that have been built completely by someone else.

9. ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK: I don't drink coffee I take tea my dear, I like my toast done on one side, and you can hear it in my accent when I talk, I'm an Englishman in New York…
Do you require special preparation for a food or drink in a restaurant?
I love salty and spicy food. So I always ask for extra chili and soy sauce in my table. What? Shoot me for that *lol*

10. FIELDS OF GOLD: I never made promises lightly, and there have been some that I've broken. But I swear in the days still left we'll walk in the fields of gold…
What was the last promise you made?
I recently made a promise to my hubby that I’m going to make delicious fried vermicelli with seafood for him after he got home tomorrow. He’s out of town right now.

11. CONSIDER ME GONE: To search for perfection is all very well, but to look for Heaven is to live here in Hell. After today, consider me gone…
What was the worst way you ever broke up in a relationship?
None, as far I could remember. I don’t have many boyfriends. I only have one boyfriend before I finally met my husband and got married. I was a complicated girl *grin*

12. THE RUSSIANS: How can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer's deadly toy, there is no monopoly in common sense on either side of the political fence…
What is your biggest fear of danger?
Having a car accident! In fact, this is the main reason why I always use a taxi even if I have my own car in the garage. Need more guts on this one.

13. BRAND NEW DAY: How many lonely, sleepless nights, how many lies, how many fights, and why would you want to put yourself through all that again?
Do you prefer being married or single?
Obviously, I prefer being married. I love to have someone closest to me other than my parents or siblings. That’s why I’m happy with I am right now.

After all…….Welcome Weekend…………

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