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Jul 12, 2010

Wanted! New Playground

Did you realize how hard it is nowadays to find a good public playground around the neighborhood, moms? Well, I’m talking about the situation here Indonesia since I’m not quite sure about how it is in other countries. Here, you can’t find an open space where you can ask your kids to play in the afternoon. A quite wide field with short green grass will be perfect for this purpose. It will be better if you can also find some benches for parents to sit on while watching their kids playing.
As for the kids themselves, they’re going to love the field if it equipped with some tools for children play ground such as the seesaws, swings, or the sand box. All of them are in the open space where they can have a soft afternoon sunshine shining on their faces and feel the wind blows in their hair. No..no..no.. I think this kind of playground must be very hard to find (sigh).

That’s why so many parents choose to ask their kids to visit the shopping mall to play around. There you can some places that provide a small area for ball box (to replace the sand box which is dirtier and insufficient) where the kids could play in a very short time. Meanwhile, the parents should also provide certain amounts of money to pay that short time playground for their kids.

You will find so many young girls and boys jostled in that small box just to scramble some colorful small balls there. The place looks even smaller that it has to be. You can’t call it as a playground at all. Not to mention the hygiene problems…yuckkss…

Fffiuuh….I’d rather have my little girl playing alone with her toys in my own living room than to let her play jostled in a small space that looks dirty and stinks like that. Forgive me, my sweet heart.. Do you want me to buy some more colorful balls for you?
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  1. Indonesia is just the same in my homeland, the Philippines. You cannot find a good playground. The government should provide this kind of equipment.
    going to the mall is not an opt. that costs money and time bringing the kids to the mall.
    here in Holland they have lots of fully-equipped playgrounds. in my neighborhood we have two. one is just few steps away from our backyard. the other one is 3 mins. walk from our house. after school the kids will go there and they will go home during supper time. after supper they go there again and be back around 8 in the evening. my kids go to bed at 8:30.
    maybe your community can request for a playground. make a request letter, let the parents put their signatures and pass it to the municipal council. do you think it works?
    have a nice day!

  2. I know. I hate the clean factor. So many of our parks are just dirty and i don't want my kid playing there. I totally agree with you. I also hate standing when there are no benches for the parents to sit at. Every park must have benches.

  3. I agree. I guess it's a common problem in a developing country like Indonesia. Government still don't care enough to provide proper playgrounds...or still don't have enough fund?


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