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Jul 31, 2010

Not In The Cook Mood

I can cook. I really am. But somehow I find it too hard to get myself getting busy in the kitchen. I collect so many recipes either from the web or magazines that look tasty and not so complicated. I collect and put them all in one nice bundle but I never touch it after that (lol). Maybe I have another reason why I am collecting recipes and never cook it after all. I love to see pictures of delicious and tasty foods from the magazine. I love how they presented. Most of the recipes I collected are not that difficult to cook as I always avoid the hard ones. I can also get the ingredients easily in the groceries. So, what’s the problem then? (You may ask). Well, maybe it’s just my laziness that’s been covering my mind and my mood every time I start to think to start cooking. That’s all. So for our daily meals at home, I just cook some ordinary recipes such as stir-fry, fried or boiled. I cook for myself, my daughter and a house maid because my husband always has lunch with his colleagues from office. But he always comes home earlier to have dinner together. And he never complain about his meal so far (lol)

This is my entry for Saturday Nine meme from Sam. This week topic is about Daniel Powter’s song: Bad Day. I love this song and let’s find out about the questions now.

1. Is there anything that you tend to do to cheer up when you are having a bad day?
I usually decide to go to sleep. It can soothe my feeling better. I will get up with a better mood and fresher mind. That’s why when I had a real bad day; I can sleep for more than 5 hours in the afternoon. Hahaha…

2. What’s the last card game you played, and with whom did you play?
I don’t play card anymore. As far as I can remember, my last card game was when I still a kid and played with my little sister every Saturday night.

3. What’s the last board game you played, and with whom did you play?
Never play one either. I’d rather play online games on Facebook instead. On this one, I’m an addict :)

4. What’s the last computer game you played, and with whom did you play?
I play a lot. But the last game I played is Market Street on Facebook. This is the newest game I play. I also play Farmville, Barn Buddy, Happy Island, and Frontier Ville. I already quitted some other games long time ago. But I’m still an addict.

5. Is there somewhere you’d like to visit but have not, and where is it?
I love traveling. So basically I really want to visit every place in this world. But Japan is on top of my priority.

6. Think of your favorite movie (or a movie you really like, if you can’t think of a favorite). Some people say that the reasons you love your favorite movie are related to what you value in romantic relationships. How is this true or untrue in your case?
Well, I’m a huge fan of horror movies which has ghosts and stuff in it. I don’t like to watch love story or drama or any kind of romantic movies. Based on this, I think I would never try to find a connection between my favorite movies and my real life. It will sound creepy (lol)

7. What physical attributes do you find the most attractive?
My mom said: my hips. But I think I’d go for my feet.

8. How many people live in your house? Tell us about them.
There are 4 of us. Me; my husband who usually work from Monday till Friday; my 3 years old daughter, Asha; and our house maid, Sovi.

9. Ever punch someone in the face?
Hell no. And I hope I will never do that whatsoever. Gees…. It will hurt your own hands, you know? If someday, somebody is messing up with you, just use your high heels instead (lol) just kidding….

Well..well..well.. I guess its all for today’s fun. See you guys again tomorrow. Oh wait! Tomorrow is Sunday.. I changed my mind. I’ll see you all on Monday *wink*..
Have a great weekend there….


  1. Seems like nobody is playing card games any more.

    Have a good Saturday.

  2. maybe you can start a food or cooking blog...:) with simple recipes to share


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