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Jul 13, 2010

Status Shuffle

Tonight, I just want to make a short post here, ladies. I want to find out your opinions about my Facebook’s status here. Well, actually it’s just a quotation from Status Shuffle that I like. I seldom use my own words recently, since I always find suitable quotation from this Status Shuffle. Especially about topics that I really want to share my friends about.
Today, I picked one of the “marriage quotations” there that I really love. If you can’t read them in the picture above, I will rewrite them for you.

Sometimes I wonder why I have such an awesome husband...then today I realized it's because I am such an awesome wife

Well, I got few responses for this status. One MOM, one WIFE, and two other FEMALES like this. Meanwhile, one female friend gave a funny yet belittled comment and one husband thought that I was some kind of narciss wife.

So, I want to read your opinion, especially WIVES out there. What do you have in mind about that statement? Can wait to see ya…xoxo

Anyway, for you who still wondering about what is Status Shuffle, its a kind of widget who provides you thousands of statuses to pick. You know, sometimes you just run out of idea and want to find other source to help you. This can be useful too when you have something in mind that you want to share on your Facebook or Twitter, but you can't pick the right words to write on. Status Shuffle may help you by providing thousands of choices based on the theme you like. You can find a lots of themes in there such as marriage, hate, weekend, friendship, etc.
For me, its a fun way to show my feeling and emotion. Sometimes, you can also find funny status that can make you laugh and willing to share it to your friends. So, enjoy it


  1. I love the quotation.
    An awesome wife deserve to have an awesome husband :)

    There's nothing wrong with that...

  2. Cool quotes. Yeah I agree. Because what you are will reflect to your other half. Your both awesome Ms. Risma, as I truly believe:-)


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